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Savings Beyond GPOs

The Healthcare Supply Chain Association (HSCA) commissioned a study on the cost savings and analysis of the group purchasing industry. "GPOs generate savings by reducing costs across sales and supply chains to providers using economies of scale,...

by H-Source on 05/16/2019

Survey says...

Utilization of supplies is a problem in the majority of health organizations, according to a study of 306 clinicians and hospital supply chain decision makers by Cardinal Health. 

by H-Source on 05/10/2019

Is Blockchain a Cure?

PYMNTS.com interviewed H-Source CEO John Kupice on how healthcare supply chain could use blockchain to save money and improve efficiencies.

by H-Source on 04/09/2019

Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain has the potential to make healthcare supply chain processes more efficient, improve transparency, and streamline experiences.

by H-Source on 04/05/2019

Blockchain and the ASC Supply Chain

Blockchain holds significant potential for ASCs to implement new strategies that reduce costs. The chain of custody tracking of products from production to the patient opens the possibility of direct access to products such as generic drugs.

by H-Source on 03/27/2019

Q&A with H-Source CEO

A Navigant study found that healthcare supply chain wastes around $25 billion a year, or about $11 million per facility. At the same time, profit margins have been steadily trending down and supply chain costs are set to overtake labor costs as the...

by H-Source on 03/22/2019

Colorado Hospitals Sell, Trade Legacy Devices

An article in Healthcare IT News highights an agreement between H-Source Inc. and the Colorado Hospital Association that helps hospitals sell and trade legacy devices. The program has been successful in helping hospitals across Colorado to recoup...

by H-Source on 03/20/2019

Three Keys to Supply Chain Efficiency

An efficient supply chain drives higher quality of care and lowers costs on a system level. In a recent article from Becker's Hospital Review, they cite 3 major ways you can improve your supply chain efficiency: logistics solutions, procedural...

by H-Source on 03/18/2019

Saving Money Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Quality

Hospitals often associate saving money on supply chain expenditures with lower quality of care, when in all actuality the opposite is true. According to a report by Navigant in NAVIGANT’S 2018 SUPPLY CHAIN ANALYSIS, “Hospital-acquired condition and...

by H-Source on 03/06/2019

Supply Chain Tips

One great way to save money in supply chain is to analyze what products are being used and why. Armed with this data, you can collaborate with physicians to standardize products and reduce the number of alternatives you keep in inventory.

by H-Source on 02/05/2019