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Colorado Hospitals Sell, Trade Legacy Devices

by H-Source on 03/20/2019

An article in Healthcare IT News highights an agreement between H-Source Inc. and the Colorado Hospital Association that helps hospitals sell and trade legacy devices. The program has been successful in helping hospitals across Colorado to recoup costs and cut down on waste.

Hospitals all over America have realized that the value of the products that they are allowing to expire and be discarded is significant. These items can be used at different hospitals, allowing the seller to recoup cost and the buyer to save money.

Colorado has seen considerable results, but as President of H-Source Murray Walden states, “I believe we are just scratching the surface of our potential for Colorado hospitals to recover costs, reduce expenditures, and decrease waste.” The more hospitals look to be proactive about waste, the better the result for the environment and their bottom line.

Healthcare supply chain operations need to change in order to overcome the obstacles that they face. As Vice President of Shared Services at the Colorado Hospital Association Michael Scott states, “Our members deal with many challenges while controlling costs, reducing waste, and implementing sustainability strategies.” H-Source helps hospitals overcome these obstacles, from helping hospitals sell excess items, to tracking expiring inventory so costs can be recouped before it expires and is ultimately thrown away.

Read the full article in Healthcare IT News, "Marketplace helps Colorado hospitals sell, trade legacy devices."

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