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Healthcare Supply Chain as a Change-Maker

by H-Source on 12/18/2018

The healthcare system is complicated, fragmented, and lacks standardization in areas where technology and collaboration are key.

 This is especially true in supply chain, where despite GPOs, joint contracting, electronic systems, and a myriad of other would-be solutions, costs continue to rise while hospital profit margins fall. In fact, supply chain is on track to exceed labor costs as the number one expense for many healthcare organizations by 2020.

 And in this healthcare environment, supply chain has a shining opportunity to be a change-maker. Uniquely positioned to have a substantial impact, supply chain can lead by reining in costs while maintaining high quality of care and positive patient outcomes. 

 To take advantage of this opportunity, supply chain must champion effective technology and collaboration that ultimately provides greater value to local healthcare facilities and their communities.

Fore more information on this topic, download this white paper, "21st Century Healthcare Supply Chain."