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Is your facility at financial risk?

by H-Source on 12/06/2018

 Too many healthcare facilities are closing or are in danger of closing, especially in the rural south and northeastern areas of the United States. According to a study published by the North Carolina Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis Center, 120 rural hospitals have closed since 2005. (See report.) The U.S. Government Accountability Office reports that hospitals with fewer than 50 beds and those with 50-99 beds were 12 and 4 times more likely to close, respectively, than hospitals with 200 or more beds. Additionally, private for-profit rural hospitals were 8 times as likely to close than publicly-owned facilities. (See report.)

If you are a hospital with fewer than 100 beds, especially in the rural northeast or south, that is privately owned, you need to find new ways to recoup costs and save money. Sourcing supplies, devices, and equipment directly from other facilities that are selling their excess inventory is an easy, straightforward way to purchase items at a reduced rate and at the quantities you need. It’s a no-risk win that puts significant money back into the bottom line. It could mean the difference between closing and keeping your doors open.

H-Source provides the platform for healthcare facilities to buy and sell directly with each other, and we manage the process to ease the burden and allow an already busy staff to spend their time on other matters. We simply streamline the loan-and-borrow program hospitals have engaged in forever. Start saving and sign up today!