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Juggling Opposing Objectives

by H-Source on 01/11/2019

Maintaining contract compliance while allowing access to infrequently used items is a juggling act. Too much structure doesn’t allow for the variables and unpredictable nature of healthcare. Too little standardization leads to waste and less control.

Flex and adapt. That’s the key. Hospitals serve a wide variety of people with all types of needs, doctor preferences vary, new drugs and devices become available – all of this requires flexibility…and that can be difficult to manage.

A one-stop platform that aggregates vendors onto one platform for purchasing eases the burden. Like an Amazon just for healthcare, where ordering, shipping, billing, logistics, and reporting are all streamlined for the various and diverse vendors you use.

For more on this, read “Rethinking Purchasing Possibilities and Benefits” written by our own Murray Walden, President of H-Source.