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Supply Chain Predictions for 2019

Given that margins are tight and getting tighter and healthcare supply chain is set to surpass labor as the number one cost for hospitals by 2020, plenty of changes are brewing for 2019.

by H-Source on 01/02/2019

2018 Was A Year Of Change

From policy changes to vertical and horizontal consolidations to the debut of new technologies, our healthcare industry saw many changes in 2018.

by H-Source on 12/27/2018

Healthcare Supply Chain as a Change-Maker

The healthcare system is complicated, fragmented, and lacks standardization in areas where technology and collaboration are key.

by H-Source on 12/18/2018

A Green Solution x2

Supply chain has the potential to be a multibillion-dollar hero in healthcare. With hospital bankruptcies up and margins down, a study by Navigant shows hospitals are spending $25.4B more a year on supply chain than they need to. Analysis shows...

by H-Source on 12/17/2018

Supply chain…a revenue center?

As margins continue to trend down for hospitals across the country, supply chain costs are predicted to exceed labor costs by 2020. Dan Pak, Assistant Vice President at Nexera, said, “Given the changes in the market, the role of supply chain must...

by H-Source on 12/10/2018

Is your facility at financial risk?

 Too many healthcare facilities are closing or are in danger of closing, especially in the rural south and northeastern areas of the United States. According to a study published by the North Carolina Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis...

by H-Source on 12/06/2018

How CVS/Aetna Will Affect Supply Chain Operations

CVS’ acquisition of Aetna for $70B will be transformative to healthcare. A successful integration of these two prominent organizations will usher in a new healthcare model, much-needed innovation intended to lower costs and offer quality healthcare...

by H-Source on 11/30/2018

New Opportunities for Supply Chain

John Kupice, CEO of H-Source, was recently interviewed by Future Tech Podcast on the new opportunities medical facilities have to reduce financial waste in supply chain while providing quality healthcare to their communities.

by H-Source on 11/28/2018

Leveling the "Paying" Field

Contract negotiations can make or break a healthcare facility in terms of business viability and profitability. Whether you are for-profit, nonprofit, governmental or private, the general idea is to, at the very least, cover fixed costs and avoid...

by H-Source on 11/26/2018

Flu Season is in Full Effect

Flu season is in full effect. Are you ready? The CDC estimates between 9.2 million and 35.6 million flu illnesses each year in the United States. While getting a flu shot is suggested, some people are too late to get it and may eventually get sick....

by H-Source on 11/13/2018