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Q&A with H-Source CEO

by H-Source on 03/22/2019

A Navigant study found that healthcare supply chain wastes around $25 billion a year, or about $11 million per facility. At the same time, profit margins have been steadily trending down and supply chain costs are set to overtake labor costs as the number one overall spend by 2020. 

All hospitals have supply chain waste. Most do not know the value of what gets wasted. 

 The simple solution is to create a platform for hospitals to collaborate and buy and sell their supplies, devices, pharmaceuticals, and capital equipment directly with each other. H-Source has acted on this simple idea and injected all of the features unique to the healthcare industry, making it safe, secure, and streamlined for supply chain staff to use. 

Digital Journal conducted an interview with H-Source CEO John Kupice. Kupice answers questions regarding the extent and causes of waste in healthcare supply chain and how H-Source addresses the issues to make supply more efficient and sustainable.

Read the full article, "Q&A: Minimizing waste in the medical supply chain."