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Saving Money Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Quality

by H-Source on 03/06/2019

Hospitals often associate saving money on supply chain expenditures with lower quality of care, when in all actuality the opposite is true. According to a report by Navigant in NAVIGANT’S 2018 SUPPLY CHAIN ANALYSIS, “Hospital-acquired condition and value-based purchasing scores are slightly better at facilities with more efficient supply spending.”

You can have sustainable supply chain initiatives without sacrificing quality of care.

According to the report, hospitals nationwide are losing out on savings equating to $25.4 billion a year in total, or $11 million per year per average hospital. Eleven million dollars is a lot for many hospitals in America. To give you an idea of what you could be using that money for, you could hire "160 registered nurses or 42 primary care physicians,” or that money could be reinvested by "building two outpatient surgery centers.”

The H-Source marketplace offers hospital and surgery center members the opportunity to buy and sell idle surgical supplies, capital equipment, and non-controlled pharmaceuticals, providing the seller an opportunity to recoup cost and avoid waste while simultaneously giving the purchasing facility a chance to purchase supplies at a significant discount. You do not need to sacrifice quality of care to save money on your supply chain expenditures.

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View the infographic from Navigant's 2018 Supply Chain Analysis.