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Supply Chain Predictions for 2019

by H-Source on 01/02/2019

Given that margins are tight and getting tighter and healthcare supply chain is set to surpass labor as the number one cost for hospitals by 2020, plenty of changes are brewing for 2019.

We’ll start to see a shift from viewing supply chain merely as transactional, to something more strategic. If we’re going to reduce the number of physician preference items and standardize more, for example, it requires collaboration with physicians and an understanding that these are important strategic decisions that affect the financial well-being of the facility.

At the same time, we’re likely to see upwards of 100 individual facility bankruptcies, shutdowns, or consolidations due to poor financial performance.

In response to budget pressures, those in supply chain will form new purchasing group structures that buy directly from manufacturers, cutting out the middleman to save 3 to 5 percent. That can add up in a hurry.

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