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Transform from Transactional to Strategic

by H-Source on 01/07/2019

Declining margins fueled by smaller reimbursement rates and increasing supply chain costs are forcing a change in how we view supply chain.

“The role of supply chain must shift from a transactional model to a strategic model with an emphasis on increasing C-suite presence, holistic approaches to expense management (all non-labor spend), clinical supply chain integration, and revenue generation,” said Dan Pak, Assistant Vice President at Nexera.

With supply chain costs set to surpass labor costs by 2020, hospitals that successfully leverage supply chain as a competitive advantage will be the most successful. That requires a shift to viewing supply chain as strategic, rather than transactional.

Recently, EHR vendor Medsphere acquired HealthLine Solutions for its hospital supply chain inventory applications. “The acquisition is yet another sign that healthcare is moving to make IT a one-stop shop with platforms that can meet clinical, revenue cycle and inventory management needs.”

For more, read “EHR vendor Medsphere moves to include supply chain apps with new acquisition of HealthLine Solutions” which quotes H-Source CEO John Kupice.